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6 Vacuuming Mistakes That Are Leaving Your Floors Dirty

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If it feels like your floors are never truly clean no matter how often you vacuum, it’s time to look at whether you’re making some common vacuuming mistakes. Many people unknowingly use the wrong techniques and leave behind dirt, pet hair, and dust.

In this article, we will explore the things to avoid while vacuuming, so you can get your floors (and home) cleaner and make the most of your cleaning efforts.

1. Room Ready

You’re tired, and all you want is a clean floor so you can finally relax. It’s tempting to skip the step of picking items before you vacuum, but doing so means you aren’t getting your floor as clean as you think. Take the time to pick things up and your vacuum will make better contact with the floor.

2. It’s Not a Clean Machine

Who doesn’t remember the scene from Friends when Monica said she wished she had a little vacuum cleaner to use on the bigger one? She was onto something. Cleaning your vacuum regularly keeps it working its best.

Be sure to empty it often, too. Dump the canister or change the bag when it’s more than half full and clean or replace the filter as recommended, usually 6 months. Then, before each cleaning session, make sure the roller brush can spin and the hose is clear.

3. Skipping Some Surfaces

Your floor isn’t the only thing collecting dust. At least once a month, before you vacuum the floor, use the brush attachment to clean curtains or blinds and use the upholstery attachment to clean sofas and chairs. This proactive approach helps reduce dust throughout your entire home.

4. Not Using Your Head

If you make the mistake of vacuuming carpets like they’re hard floors, you won’t remove all the dirt. To vacuum properly, you need to slow down and adjust the vacuum. Switch to the carpet head if there is one, and lower it to just touch the carpet if the vacuum has an adjustable height.

5. Being Speedy

We’ve all vacuumed quickly before ‌last-minute guests, but rushing the job leaves behind a lot of dirt. To vacuum properly, work back and forth slowly in overlapping sections, allowing the machine time to remove debris from the floor.

In carpeted rooms, turn at a right angle and repeat the process to clean all sides of the carpet fibers. By taking your time, you’ll remove far more dirt from your floor, carpeted or not.

6. Too Little, Too Far Apart

T the general rule is to vacuum wall-to-wall once a week, then clean only the high-traffic areas and in front of seating every other day. If you have many pets or children, you might even want to make that daily. Frequent vacuuming protects your floors from ground-in dirt and, as a bonus, it’ll make your home less dusty and help it smell fresher, too.

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  1. Helen Playdon says:

    Thanks, Katie, forth reminders. I am very apt to leave the sofa and chairs because they are so fiddly and it is hard to use the attachments on my cleaner. But today I am a new woman, after your encouragement, and the chairs WILL be done! Not so sure about the sofa, but then, I can’t remember the last time anyone sat there, and we have no pets to leave hairs.But I do use it when folding laundry, so maybe \i should give it a vacuum to make sure there are no extraneous fabric threads left behind. NOw must get started or nothing will get done!

    1. Katie Berry says:

      Hi Helen,

      Don’t feel like you need to do it every time you clean the room, but since dust settles on soft furniture as it does on floors (even if no one sits on it), you’ll notice a difference.

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