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Want Your Kitchen to Stay Cleaner? Do These 9 Things Daily.

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Ever walked into your kitchen to cook or grab a snack and found a mess in your way? Oh great, you think, another expensive take out dinner.

These steps are all about being proactive so little messes don’t become big ones. So, read on for 9 tips to keep your kitchen cleaner all the time.

Be a Curator

Think of your kitchen counters as prime real estate in a crowded city: it’s a scarce resource, and you can’t make more of it. So, make everything sitting on them earn their place every week.

If you only use that stand mixer every couple of months, move it to a cabinet or closet. Artwork? Hang it on the wall or from your backsplash.

The less on your counters, the cleaner your entire kitchen looks. Plus, when it’s time to wipe them off it’ll take less than a minute.

Pest Protection

Most food packaging has a couple of drawbacks: it can harbor or attract pests like pantry moths and it doesn’t stack well.

Plus, if your family is like mine, empty cereal boxes just get left sitting on the counter next to the milk no one bothered putting away.

Switching your dry goods to airtight storage containers helps prevent pests. Since they’re stackable, you’ll also free up cabinet space so you’ll actually have room for the things that have been cluttering up your counter until now.

Can’t help you with the milk left sitting out, though. I’m still nagging about that.

About That Empty Sink

A while ago, I watched a TikTok by a young woman who complained that every cleaning blogger treated an empty sink like a magical solution. Spoiler alert: it is.

See, if your sink is full of dirty dishes, then the next dish gets set on the counter. And the dish after that goes next to it, and so on until your counters are covered.

Meanwhile, you can’t rinse a cloth to wipe anything. You can’t cook a meal. You can’t wash your hands (ew) and you can’t clean your counters.

Guess what solves that?

Don’t Make It Hard

Speaking of things that don’t need to be a major production… I stash a bottle of soapy water under the sink. Literally: it’s filtered water from the fridge plus a couple drops of liquid dish soap. If I’m feeling fancy I add a drop or two of essential oils.

That little bottle makes cleaning up as easy as a quick spritz. Ditto with microwave splatters or spots on the floor. It’s a ridiculously simple way to keep things clean.

Wipe Three Times

So, you’ve curated your countertops and you’ve got a bottle of soapy water to hand. Now, keep those countertops clean by wiping them three times a day.

  1. In the morning right after breakfast or as part of a daily cleaning routine.
  2. Before you make dinner, so you’ve got a clean food preparation surface
  3. One more time before bed.

Take it Out

So, that kitchen trash odor isn’t just unpleasant. It’s the smell bacteria make when they breed—something they do almost constantly as they break down food waste.

That’s why taking out the kitchen trash every night even when the bag isn’t full is so important: bacteria sex.

Extract Odors

Sometimes, keeping things clean longer is as easy as flipping a switch. In the kitchen, that switch is the one to the exhaust fan above your stove.

Even if your fan is built into the microwave like mine, the surface fan pulls cooking air through a filter that traps grease.

Running your kitchen exhaust fan when you’re cooking means less grease winds up on your counter and cabinets and also fewer cooking odors in your home. For best results, remove and clean that filter at least once a month.

Spot Treat

There’s no law that says you have to vacuum and mop your kitchen floor every single day. I looked.

But at a minimum, spot clean spills ASAP and vacuum the high-traffic areas to get up crumbs so you don’t attract pests or step in ick.

Shut it Down

I love my family dearly, but they’re excellent at squirreling out of cleaning. I use that to my advantage by making anyone who uses the kitchen after my nightly shut down routine do the whole thing over again.

Guess what that means? Yep, my kitchen stays cleaner and with all of these tips yours can now, too.

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