Weekly Cleaning Schedule for Busy People

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Use this free printable weekly cleaning schedule to stay on top of your home without giving up your weekends.

Are you tired of spending weekends cleaning the house? Wouldn’t you rather know how to get your home or apartment clean during the week and free up your weekends?

The weekly cleaning checklist below will help you do just that. Better yet, you can get your entire home clean in only 30 minutes each day.

A Cleaning Schedule for Weekdays

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In 2020, most of us are home more than ever before. Some of us are working from home with our kids “going to school” in the seat next to us at the kitchen table. In many ways, life is less hectic without all the usual commuting and scheduling. But in many ways, it’s busier than ever.

My other printable cleaning checklists work best when you’ve got the house to yourself for an hour or two. But who has that kind of alone time anymore? Plus, the time Saturday rolls around, we all desperately need to have fun.

So, this weekly cleaning checklist lets you keep your weekends free. It’s a realistic cleaning schedule that only takes a half-hour each day if you want to hustle. Or, if cleaning time is your alone time these days, work slow and enjoy the solitude. Either way, you can look forward to doing something besides cleaning on the weekend.

Weekly Cleaning Room-by-Room

The idea of cleaning room-by-room is that you’ll see actual results with less stress. So, don’t stress out trying to do everything perfectly — just do a good enough job. You’ll be cleaning the same spot the next week and can tackle what you missed. Every week you repeat the routine, you’ll do a better job — and it will go faster, too.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

For a clean house, there are some tasks you should do every day. These are in the upper-left corner of the checklist at the end of this post. Most of these tasks are about “resetting” your house daily to keep it looking and smelling clean. (Related: 10 Tips to Keep a Tidy House.)

Mondays | Kitchen

If you’ve got school-age children or a busy job — or both — weekday breakfasts are often hurried affairs. But on weekends, we all tend to cook a bit more. That’s why it’s a good idea to start the week by cleaning your kitchen. Fit in monthly tasks like cleaning your stove’s range hood filters as time permits.

Tuesdays | Bedroom(s)

It’s hard to sleep well or wake up in a good mood if your bedroom is dirty. A dusty bedroom also makes allergy and asthma symptoms worse. Be sure to change your sheets when you clean your bedroom and wash them the same day if you can. If you’ve got several bedrooms, pick one bedspread each week to launder to knock out that monthly task.

Wednesdays | Bathroom(s)

It’s always a good idea to wipe your tub, shower, sink, counters, and toilets with a dry cloth before you clean. Doing so picks up debris and hair, allowing your cleaning products to work better. Disinfectants aren’t as effective when you apply them to dirty surfaces, either. (Related: 13 Places You Should Disinfect Daily.)

Thursdays | Entryway

Visitors form their first impression of your home’s cleanliness at the entrance. So does your family. Piles of shoes, backpacks, and unopened mail signal that mess elsewhere is okay, too. Cleaning up your entryway won’t take long, so Thursdays are also good for catching up on laundry.

Fridays | Family Room

Even if you let your kids stay up a bit later on the weekend, chances are you stay up later, too. By cleaning your family room on Friday, you’ll have a more relaxing, uncluttered space. Whether you’re watching Netflix or napping on the sofa, you’ll enjoy it more in a clean family room.

Monthly Tasks | Deeper Cleaning

Some things don’t need weekly cleaning but do need regular attention. Try to fit in a monthly task or two during the week, then cross them off the list—for example, clean drains when you’re cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. Or wash windows once a month when you’re cleaning a room. (Try this homemade window cleaner that’s streak-free.)

Weekends | Relax

The entire point of this weekly cleaning schedule is to free up weekends. So, please don’t feel like you’ve got to fill them up with chores. If you’re like me and hate being unproductive, water your houseplants or bathe the dog. Since you know you’ll be cleaning the house during the week, you get to feel good about relaxing on the weekend. Enjoy!

Printable Weekly Schedule for Cleaning House

Ready to get started? Grab the printable below. You don’t have to wait until Monday morning to begin, either. Step into this room-by-room cleaning schedule whatever day you want, then stick with it. The more regular you are about cleaning, the faster it goes.

Weekly cleaning schedule for weekdays that frees up your weekend
Click here to open a .pdf for printing

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  1. Hi Katie,

    Your site is amazing, but I often wonder how you’re able to get so much done! It seems like it would take so long to do all this since you’re so thorough. Why do you recommend dusting the walls every week? I would have thought that would be more of a spring/fall thing. Is that really needed?


    1. Katie Berry says:

      Hi Becky!

      The trick is not thinking it’s got to be perfect. It takes maybe 2 minutes to dust a room’s walls if you’re doing wide, arcing sweeps with extension duster to knock the dust down to the floor quickly. Will you get every speck that week? Probably not, but next week you’ll get other specks and the week after that you’ll get more. Eventually, you’ll have caught up with the dust that had built up before you adopted a weekly cleaning routine, and those quick swipes will be more than sufficient to get rid of any dust that collected between weekly cleaning.

      Or, you could skip the wall dusting. Doing just twice a year for Spring or Fall cleaning means you’ll see more dust in your home — quite a bit more — but you won’t have to spend those 2 minutes each week on it.

      Stay well,