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Daily Cleaning Series: 365 Small Wins

If you’re looking for cleaning motivation, here it is. Every morning, you’ll start with a simple, actionable task. Commit to doing that one thing, even if that’s all you do for the day. Before long, you’ll feel empowered to try a bit more. And if you don’t? That’s okay, too: small tasks, done consistently, lead to a big change.

An overhead concept view of cleaning equipment featuring a squeegee, a dry microfiber cloth, and a cleaning caddy with a nubby microfiber duster.


Dusting furniture, wiping counters, changing linens, and cleaning floors are all part of a regular cleaning routine. But what about the hidden messes and small areas we often forget? This free 365-day email series will help you tackle hidden messes through short, actionable daily small-win cleaning tasks.


If you’re already following a cleaning routine, this series enhances what you’re doing, so you won’t overlook anything. It takes you beyond dusting, vacuuming, and mopping to get the hidden messes that we often stop noticing in our homes.

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to clean house, these 10-15 minute daily tasks will deliver the small wins you need to feel back in control. And the more often you do them, the cleaner your home will get.

A woman's hand using a checkered cloth to wipe a wooden kitchen countertop with dishes in a bamboo rack. A small cutting board leans against the backsplash. There are plant leaves in the foreground partly obscuring one corner.


This series doesn’t require a lot of time or effort. It’s just a quick email about what to clean and how to do it, and each task takes 15 minutes or fewer. You’ll pick up cleaning pointers, and you’ll learn a few things about how to keep everything in your home in peak condition. And it’s free.

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