How to Wash a Comforter or Duvet With or Without a Washing Machine

You’ll Sleep Better if You Wash Your Comforter or Duvet. Here’s How.

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When was the last time you washed your duvet or comforter? These steps get it clean and odor-free without causing lumps.

You already know your bedding collects dust, dust mites, and other allergens. Did you know it can soak up your sweat, body oils, and other things, too?

How to Machine Wash a Duvet or Comforter

If you there’s not a hand’s with of space after you add your machine to a top loader, or if your front-loader is more than three-fourth’s full, your machine isn’t big enough to wash your duvet well. It needs room to swirl.

Step 1: Treat Stains and Check for Tears

Step 2: Machine Wash

Use a liquid laundry detergent since powders might not dissolve well enough and leave spots. Pick a warm delicate cycle with the longest setting, but use a cool rinse for synthetic fillings and down alternatives so they don’c clump. For true down, stick with a cold wash and rinse.

When the cycle ends, carefully pull your duvet out of the machine and adjust it, then put it back in for a second wash cycle with the same settings. This time, though, skip the detergent—just use water. This step gets rid of excess soap that keeps it from getting fluffy. (And for us pet hair owners, it’s a great way to remove all that fur.)

Step 3: Dry

Don’t wring or twist your comforter when it’s wet—you may clump it. Carefully transfer it to the dryer for a low heat cycle. Pause the dryer every 20 minutes to move and readjust your comforter so it dries evenly.

Pro Tip

Add a couple of clean tennis balls to the dryer with your comforter and they’ll fluff the fibers as they bounce around. Just know: it’s noisy.


To wash your duvet or comforter by hand in the bathtub, use cool water and swirl in 2 tablespoons of liquid detergent. Then add your duvet. Press down on it gently, one hand at a time for several minutes. (Like a cat “making biscuits” or kneading a soft surface.)

Let your duvet soak for 10 minutes then rinse, refill the tub with plan water and repeat. Continue this until yo can fill the tub without making suds, then rinse one more time.

Tips to Keep Your Comforter Clean

  • Use a removable duvet cover to keep your duvet or comforter clean. Take it off and wash it when you’re washing sheets.
  • Spot treat spills on your comforter with a cool, soapy rag or laundry stain remover.
  • Shake your comforter from end to end and side to side to redistribute the filling once a week.
  • Wash your duvet insert once a year, or any time you’ve been ill or someone has peed in the bed. If you use a comforter or don’t cover your duvet, wash it monthly.
  • Refresh your comforter and duvet by tumbling them in the dryer for 10 minutes using the no-heat setting to shake out dust and pet hair.

Sweet dreams!

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