15 Gifts for Tired Moms

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Everyone knows a mom who needs a little downtime to relax. If you can’t be there to give her a break, these gifts that pamper or save her time are the next best thing.

Finding the perfect gift for someone can be a struggle. Do you give them something they’d never buy for themselves then hope the reason they haven’t bought it is because they can’t stand it? Do you give them something you’ve enjoyed and gamble that they’ll like it, too? Or do you play it safe and stalk their social media, hoping they’ve shared a wish list somewhere?

Here’s one secret to giving great gifts: identify an ongoing annoyance or problem in someone’s life and give them something that solves it. For moms, well, most of us are tired and busy, with very little time to ourselves. So, gifts that ease our burdens, save us time or feel pampering are always welcome. And that’s exactly what you’ll find on this list of gifts for tired (and busy) moms.

Christmas Gifts for Moms

1. Heated Shoulder Blanket

One thing about tired moms: we’re cold. Like, all the time. Slipping on this heated shoulder blanket makes watching yet another episode of “Paw Patrol” something to look forward to. I’ve had mine for two years and now can’t imagine a winter without one. Plus, it’s washable and has an auto-off feature, so it’s safe for those of us who are both messy and forgetful.

2. Weekly Menu Planner with Tear-Off Grocery List

Busy moms know that planning meals in advance saves time and money. This magnetic weekly meal-planner makes the task so much easier — and she won’t have to keep answering “What’s for dinner?” every five minutes. A sturdy dual-magnet backing keeps the notepad in place on the fridge where everyone can see it and add things to the grocery list as needed. Tear off the shopping list on the right side before heading to the store without taking along the menu. Each sheet is thick, so pens don’t bleed through, and there’s a sheet for every week of the year. I love ours.

3. Wine Saver Stopper

We all know a mom who likes to unwind with a glass of vino but not necessarily finish the whole bottle. That’s where this reusable wine bottle stopper comes in — it keeps wine fresh for up to 10 days by removing air from the bottle. This one comes with four stoppers, so she can enjoy Chardonnay one night and Merlot the next without worrying that either will get stale in the meantime.

4. Satin Long Pajama Set

I almost don’t want to share these because they’re my favorite pajamas ever, and I don’t want the price to go up. But these silky button-down long pajamas are pure bliss. They come in a bunch of different colors and styles, so I’ve bought one of each. Some of my sets are three years old and still look and feel brand new! They wash beautifully and never feel itchy or hot.

5. Soup Saving Cubes

Every tired and busy mom wishes she had a little more time and a little less to do. That’s where these silicone Souper Cubes come in. They’re perfect for freezing extra servings of soup or other foods, so she can still enjoy a homecooked meal without having to cook every single night. Pop the frozen cubes into a bag for long-term storage, or take the heat-safe trays straight from the freezer to the oven or microwave to get dinner ready in a rush. They’re BPA-free and dishwasher safe, too. Super convenient. (Or should that be souper convenient? Yeah, I crack me up.)

6. Luxury Hand Lotion Set

We’re all washing our hands more often these days. Busy moms seem to do it more than anyone, though, which means her hands get dry, raw, and sore. A gift of luxury hand lotion is always appreciated, but now more than ever. This trio of lotions from woman-owned La Chatelaine features 20% shea butter, Argan oil, and vitamin E to soothe and soften her hands. There are various scents to choose from, and they’re all plant-based plus free of phthalates, parabens, SLS, GMOs, and BHT. The tin they come in is gorgeous, too!

7. Coffee Mug Warmer

Tired moms love their caffeine. Busy moms don’t always get to drink it while it’s still hot. This super-affordable mug-warmer means she doesn’t have to put up with cold coffee or tea. It’s a total life-changer! My daughter gave me one a couple of years ago, and I cannot get over what a treat it is to have an always-warm cup of tea no matter how many distractions have kept me from it.

8. Washable Mesh Bath Cushion

I have given one of these washable, fabric mesh bath cushions to pretty much every bath-lover I know since buying mine three years ago. (It’s still like new!) They’re amazing. Unlike plastic bath pillows, this one feels good to lean against because the quilted mesh cover doesn’t get cold or feel crinkly. The sturdy suction cups on the back keep it from sliding around while bathing or while it drip-dries between baths. It’s easily laundered, too — in fact, it comes with a zippered mesh bag that lets you toss it in with your towels. (I use that mesh bag to launder delicates on other days, too.)

9. Water Bottle with Time Marker

Dehydration makes anyone more tired. Busy moms may have a hard time remembering if they’re staying hydrated or not. That’s where this motivational water bottle with time markers comes in. The flip-top lid keeps it leak-proof so that she can toss it in the diaper bag or her laptop case without fear. Throughout the day, the markers reminder her to keep chugging so she stays hydrated without overwhelming her system.

10. Moisturizing Non-Slip Socks

Who has time for a pedicure these days — or can find a salon that’s open for them? That doesn’t mean she has to put up with rough, cracked, and sore heels. These machine-washable, moisturizing socks are enhanced with Vitamin E and lavender, and they leave feet feeling soft and warm. The silicone strips on the bottom keep things safe, too. I love to slather my feet in lotion then slip these on before bed. The next morning, my tootsies feel like I’ve been to the spa in my sleep.

11. Organic Artisan Bitters Set

Not every tired mom enjoys wine. In fact, not every tired mom enjoys alcohol, period. That doesn’t mean she isn’t entitled to a Happy Hour — or at least a chance to unwind in peace and quiet. Enter this set of artisanal bitters: it’s perfect for those who enjoy cocktails or mocktails. I love a drop or two of the Black Lemon in sparkling water and have added the cardamom flavor to baked goods that everyone enjoyed, too.

12. Combination Air Fryer and Pressure Cooker

Everyone raves about their air fryers and electric pressure cookers. With an air fryer, you can get restaurant-style crispy fries, onions rings, taquitos, and more — minus the oil, excess calories, and splatters. With a pressure cooker, you can go from freezer to table in an hour, no defrosting required, or turn super cheap cuts of meat into tender ones by just pressing the right buttons. What’s really amazing is that the Instant Pot Duo combines the two and bakes, roasts, broils, sautees, and dehydrates. And then it all goes into the dishwasher, making cleanup a time-saver, too.

13. Aromatherapy Diffusing Necklace

Yeah, sure. Deep-breathing and meditation is a great way to reduce stress and restore a sense of calm. But what busy mom has the time? That’s where this aromatherapy diffusing necklace comes in handy. A few drops of her favorite essential oils (included) added before wearing, and this necklace will wrap her in a gentle cloud of fragrance throughout the day. If that doesn’t help her feel good, maybe the compliments about how pretty the necklace will do the trick.

14. Faux Fur-Lined Slippers

These slippers are an absolute dream to wear. I have four pairs because I love them so much. The wool lining keeps feet warm while wicking away moisture. A rubber sole means they’re durable and can be worn both indoors or for that quick dash to the mailbox if need be. And the faux chinchilla on the collar looks so posh! Slipping on a pair of these is like wearing marshmallows. They’re machine washable, too, though be sure to air-dry them for best results.

15. Message-Bearing Dishtowel

For the busy, tired mom who is tired of everyone messing things up as soon as she’s cleaned them. This funny kitchen towel might not stop the messes entirely, but it’ll at least give her a good laugh. I hang it up after cleaning and, honestly, it does seem to make everyone think twice before leaving their dishes all over the counter — at least for that day. (And, yes, there are other sayings if you’d prefer.)

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  1. NorCalGal says:

    Katie that kitch towel is the perfect to have around for my husband and 21yr old son.
    I have my ‘dream’ kitchen and they dare mess it up at their peril. H is clear on this but S is still in training.
    Happy Holidays to you!

    1. Katie Berry says:

      That towel makes me laugh every time I hang it in the kitchen. 🙂 Happy Holidays to you, too!

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