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19 Clever Uses for Your Old Hair Ties and Scrunchies

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Ever chopped off your hair and wondered what to do with all those old hair ties or scrunchies now that your locks don’t need them anymore? Yep, I’ve been there. Post-pixie cut, I wound up with dozens—so many that even my cat lost interest in playing with them.

Surprisingly Handy Uses for Hair Ties

Whether you’re embracing the pixie or just have a bunch of stretched-out hair ties, here’s how you can give them a new lease on life.

Money Clip Alternative

Ditch the purse for a quick trip to the market or mall. Roll up your cash, secure it with a hair tie, and pop it in your pocket. It’s a simple and secure way to carry money, and a hit with kids who tend to lose loose bills.

Freshness Preserver

Hair scrunchies are simply gussied up rubber bands, so use them like one and keep your snack bags closed and food fresh. Use a hair tie instead of a twist tie to seal bags of chips or nuts. Need to keep the bread bag shut? Use a hair tie—just make sure they’re clean first.

Candle Securer

Got wobbly candles? They don’t just pose a risk of dripping candle wax on your carpet, there’s a fire risk, too! Wrap a hair tie around their base before setting them in holders for a snug fit.

Bento Box Buddy

Secure your kid’s lunch box with a hair tie so it doesn’t spill open in their backpack. A scrunchie can make a practical and cost-effective alternative to fancy fasteners.

Soap Saver

Have you ever noticed that some liquid soap dispensers issue far more than you need? Use a hair tie to make it last longer. Just loop one around the pump several times to control how much soap it dispenses.

Waistband Expander

Need a little extra room in your jeans or maybe they shrank? No judgment here! You can create a little extra wiggle room in the waistband by threading a hair tie through the buttonhole and looping the ends over the button.

DIY Tie-Dye Tool

Old scrunchies or hair ties are perfect to use for tie-dye projects. There are all sorts of tie-dye folding patterns and neat projects you can use them for.

Cord Organizer

That mess of cords behind your desk or TV is a dust catcher. Plus, if you have cats or curious small dogs, they can get tangled up in them. (Guess how I know?) Use hair ties to keep each cord neatly looped.

Delicate Laundry Helper

Protect your lingerie in the wash. Place each item in a separate pillowcase and secure the tops with an old hair tie. I do this when washing stuffed animals, too!

Drink Identifier

Keep track of whose glass is whose next time you throw a party by slipping one over the end of each wine glass. You’ll want to use your nicest old scrunchies, of course, and make sure they’re freshly laundered. (Hey, check out that tip above!)

Sleeve Holder

Hate your sleeves slipping down when you’re trying to cook? I could never roll my sleeves fashionably until I started sliding stretched-out scrunchies up my arms first. Just make sure they’re loose enough to keep your arms from going numb. Trust me on that.

Sock Pair Keeper

Anyone else tired of one sock going missing every time you do the wash? And just as soon as you decide to get rid of that one, the mate shows up. Use a hair tie to keep them together before you toss them in the machine and put an end to that little game.

Gift Wrap Organizer

Keep wrapping paper rolls from unraveling by sliding a hair tie on the roll. This works so much better than tape and you won’t waste any of the paper in the process!

Twine Tamer

If you keep kitchen or garden twine on hand, you know how that free end likes to start unraveling. Slide an old hair tie over the roll and tuck the end of the twine beneath it. No more loose threads or, um, twine.

Plant Support

Use old hair ties to help keep garden plants attached to stakes or trellises. The soft elastic doesn’t damage the stems. I use this every year with tomato and cucumber vines.


A broken hair tie makes a convenient bookmark. Just slide it between the pages and shut the book. Since it’s thin, there’s no risk of damaging the spine but if you leave one end poking out you can find where you left off.

Measuring Tape Manager

Crafters and sewers know how measuring tapes get unruly. Use a hair tie to keep the tape neatly coiled.

Clothes Hanger Grip

Everyone has that one blouse that just will not stay on its hanger. Use a couple of old hair ties to keep it from slipping off. Wrap one around each end of the hanger a few times to create extra grip.

On-the-Go Coupon Keeper

Coupons don’t do much good when we forget them at home. Slide an old hair tie or scrunchie over your car’s sun visor and you can slip your coupons under it. Now you’ll always have them for those last-minute trips to the store.

Know of any other ways to use repurpose hair ties? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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