How to Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

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Organizing cleaning supplies makes it easier to find the cleaner or gadget you need, along with other things you need along with it. Of course, you should always store cleaning supplies out of the reach of children and pets.

That’s why many people keep a separate cleaning caddy in each bathroom, and another under the kitchen sink or in a cleaning closet. Even with cleaning supplies stashed in different rooms, though, you’ll still wind up going to the cleaning closet for your vacuum, broom, and mop.

How to Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

Getting your cleaning supplies and tools organized helps streamline housework. The less you have to wrestle with a jumble of cleaning products, or dig around to find the cleaning tools you need, the easier it is to get things done. After all, even the most expensive vacuum cleaner leaves our floors dirty if we hate using it so much that we put off vacuuming.

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If you’ve found your cleaning arsenal isn’t as helpful as you’d like, check out my list of recommended cleaning products and tools for the things I use in my home.

So, gather all of your cleaning tools and supplies in one place so you can see them. Then, get rid of the following:

  • Obvious trash (empty bottles, wrappers, etc.)
  • Products that don’t work*
  • Things you can’t stand the smell of*
  • Anything that is broken
  • Tools or gadgets you find it a hassle to use

So keep those cleaning caddies pared down to the essentials!

In the bathroom:

In the kitchen:

  • Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Sink scouring powder
  • Oven cleaner
  • Hand broom and dust pan for small spills

In the cleaning closet:

  • Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • Lint-free white rags for stain removal
  • Furniture polish
  • Ingredients for homemade cleaners: white distilled vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, Castile soap or liquid dish detergent, baking soda, Borax, washing soda, essential oils
  • Squeegee
  • Vacuum
  • Broom and dustpan or carpet sweeper
  • Mop and bucket

Obviously, your cleaning closet can get a bit crowded if you’re not careful. Using a wall-mounted organizer rack keeps things like mops and brooms neat and off of the floor.

How to Dispose of Cleaning Products

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Once you’ve decluttered your cleaning supplies, please be responsible about how you get rid of the ones you don’t like. Maybe you’ve got a friend who’d like to try a product without having to buy it. Or you can check your local Buy Nothing group on Facebook. I’ve been able to give away lots of things that way.

If you’re going to discard something, though, it’s vital that you do it properly. Some things can be flushed, but many cannot.

  • Products you combine with water can be flushed or dumped down the drain if absolutely necessary.
  • If it’s a solid product (e.g., wipes, stain sticks), put it in the trash.
  • Spray products and certain other cleaners (e.g., oven cleaners, drain openers) should be taken to your local waste disposal facility.

DO NOT COMBINE PRODUCTS, EVEN WHILE FLUSHING! The combination of some household cleaners can be lethal, even if you can’t smell the toxic compound they create.

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Remember to Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Clean

Cleaning your cleaning supplies and tools sounds a bit redundant, doesn’t it? Yet it’s essential to keep them in good shape, or they’ll just drag dirt and germs from one room to the next.

  • At the end of each cleaning session, give your spray bottles a good wipe with a clean cloth.
  • Launder your microfiber cloths properly after use, and rinse your mops, brooms, scrub brushes, and sponges every time, too.
  • Don’t forget to clean your vacuum cleaner regularly.
  • Once every couple of weeks, be sure to vacuum or sweep then mop the floor of your cleaning closet, too.

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  1. Remember to launder microfiber clothes separately from other loads.