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Organizing Linen Closets: Practical tips for a Tidy Space

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Wedging the sheets and towels you just washed onto cramped shelves can feel like wasted effort. So, let’s transform your laundry day routine by organizing your linen closet.

And relax: you don’t need to spend the weekend wallpapering or drop a bundle on matchy-matchy baskets. 

Linen Shelf Strategies

Think about the best use for each shelf. Your goal is to make things accessible to the people who use the linen closet.

So, if your kids make their own beds, choose a shelf at kid-height to hold all the sheets. Have another for your towels. Giving each shelf a separate function makes things easy to find and put away.

Organize Sheets for Easy Access

If everyone in your home has different sized beds, keep things neat is by wrapping a pillowcase around each set to keep it together. Or, add vertical shelf dividers between them.

If all the sets are interchangeable, consider storing them in baskets by type. So, you’d have a basket of pillowcases, one of flat sheets, and another of fitted. Tucked into the basket vertically like files, they’re easy to get out and put away.

Pro Tip

A good rule of thumb is to have two sets of sheets per bed and three sets of towels per person. If you have little ones, consider a third set until they’re solidly potty-trained.

Solve for Small Items

If you store things like sewing supplies, linen sprays, and spare toiletries in your linen closet, opt for small, clear containers or drawer organizers. These keep the little things from rolling around and getting lost behind your linens. 

Maximize Existing Storage

Even with built-in shelving, you can increase storage by adding under-mounted sliding drawers, installing hooks on the walls, and even hanging a tiered basket from the ceiling to hold rolled washcloths.

And don’t overlook the back of the door: a pocket style shoe organizer is perfect for rolled washcloths and hand towels.

Pro Tip

While maximizing storage is helpful, don’t pack so much into each inch that there’s no room for airflow. Good air circulation is essential to prevent musty closet odors.

Keep Things Visible

Use clear containers or open wire baskets for things you want to keep visible. An advantage of containers is that they also keep dust off of things.

Taller baskets and fabric bins can give your linen closet an instantly organized look, but if someone can’t see in the bins, they’ll pull them all down searching for one thing. 

Install Motion Lights

Adding motion-activated lights to your linen closet makes those 3 AM bed changes less of a hassle. Plus, they help everyone see what they’re looking for without ruining your organization.

Think Safety

Store heavy items on lower shelves or the floor so there’s no risk of pulling them down on your head. If you’re keeping blankets or comforters on the floor, enclose them in bedding bags or clear containers to keep them clean.

Light, seldom used things are safe to store on the upper shelves. You might even stash a step-stool in the closet if there’s room.

Routine Decluttering

Tidying your linen closet on laundry day can help keep it organized, but you should still declutter it regularly, too. Spring Cleaning is a great time for this, especially since many of us stock up on new bedding during the sales that time of year. 

In fact, those sales are a great way to reward yourself for taking the time to organize your linen closet and turn it into an orderly, functional space!

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