How To Store Fabric: 6 Great Ideas

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Crafters aren’t the only ones who need to know how to store fabric neatly. Anyone who has had to iron a tablecloth before using it has probably thought there’s got to be a way to store it without causing wrinkles.

How to store fabric

I can’t take credit for the six bright ideas below, but I’m using more than one of them to store fabrics and linens in my home. If you’re tired of ironing tablecloths or digging through piles of fabric to find the perfect one for a sewing project, you’ll love the excellent solutions these bloggers have found.

How To Store Fabric

If you only have a couple of tablecloths or yards of fabric, the easiest solution is to lay dye-free tissue paper on them before folding in thirds, then hang them in a closet. The tissue paper will prevent wrinkles while hanging them ensures you can easily find the cloth you’re looking for.

Got a bigger cloth stash? One of these ideas about how to store fabric is sure to help.

1. Use Hanging Shoe Organizers

How to store fabric - Use hanging shoe organizers from Ikea

Fold the fabric neatly and stash them in hanging shoe organizers from Ikea. (Bryn Alexandra)

2. Display Them In The Craft Room

How to store fabric - Display them in the craft room

Lucky enough to have a dedicated craft room? Attach clothespins to the wall and use them to display material so you can always see your stash. (Muy Molon)

3. Repurpose An Old Dresser

How to store fabric - Repurpose an old dresser

Repurpose an old dresser by removing the drawers. (Cameras and Chaos)

4. Use Cardboard And “File” Your Fabric

How to store fabric - Use cardboard to keep folded fabric neat

Cut a cardboard box into squares, fold fabric around it, and “file” your stash vertically. (The Scrappe Shop Blog)

5. Use A Curtain Rod And Clip Rings

How to store fabric - Use a curtain rod and clip rings

Use a curtain rod and clip rings to hang fabric. No extra wall space? Hang an extra clothing rod in your closet! (Craftaholics Anonymous)

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6. Use Stacking Plastic Drawers

How to store fabric - Use stacking transparent plastic drawer units

Stack transparent plastic drawer units on top of each other to hold your fabric scraps.

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