Although windows, walls, and ceilings don’t require as much cleaning as other surfaces in your home, you shouldn’t neglect them, either.

Hand in rubber glove cleaning mold on painted wall

We don’t often think about cleaning our home’s ceilings and walls when we talk about housework. But these surfaces collect a surprising amount of dust that winds up floating around in your air. If you’ve got a family member with allergy issues, cleaning the walls and ceilings will go a long way to reducing their symptoms.

Windows are another surface that often get overlooked — no pun intended. Part of the reason is that we get used to ignoring the grime and dust our home’s windows collect. Another reason is that they can be a hassle to wash. But putting off window cleaning can lead to permanent etching. So, check out the tips below to get your windows spotless without streaks and discover how easy it is to do.

Cleaning Walls, Windows and Ceilings