Room-Based Cleaning Guides

Everyone has a different style of cleaning their home. Some people like to clean task by task. For example, they’ll dust and polish furniture one day, and clean floors the day after that. The following day is bathrooms and then they spend a day doing laundry. This task-based approach works best for small homes or small families where cleaning just a countertop is enough to make an entire room look tidier.

Other people prefer to clean one room at a time. That’s how I clean, too, using my cleaning checklists. When you clean one room at a time, you usually do the laundry for a room on the same day you clean it. So, for example, bedrooms might get cleaned on Mondays, and the sheets get laundered that day, too. The result is a clean bedroom from top to bottom, including the sheets.

Of course, the cleaning method you use is entirely up to you. If you’re struggling to find a routine that works, give both ways a try. (Here’s more help creating a cleaning schedule that suits your home and lifestyle.) But if you’re ready to give room-based cleaning a try, this is the place to start.

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