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A woman holding a pink bucket of cleaning supplies with a clipboard holding house cleaning checklists imposed on the corner

Ever wonder if you’re really cleaning your home as thoroughly as you think? Or maybe you’re confident in your cleaning skills but you need to work a little at a time. A cleaning checklist can fix both!

I use my cleaning checklists to this day. They keep me on track and take the guesswork out of what I need to do. Since I have ADHD, I prefer not relying on my brain to remember all the details since I tend to get distracted by — SQUIRREL! This way, I know where I left off.

Plus, I like the little boost of motivation I get by checking off cleaning tasks. Hence, the logo.

Tips to Get the Most out of Checklists

  • Make them reusable: I keep my cleaning checklists in plastic page protectors and cross off items with a dry-erase marker. A quick wipe after I’m done and they’re ready for next time.
  • Adapt them to your needs: Each checklist is divided into sections, so you can doit all at once or divide it over time.
  • Get your family involved: With a cleaning checklist, everyone knows what needs to be done and how to do it well.

Daily Cleaning Checklists

The Daily Cleaning Routine is a whole house tidy that keeps your home company ready in just minutes a day.

Follow it with the nightly routine to shut down your kitchen and set up the rest of your home for a smooth morning.

Together, they’re a power duo that will quickly get your home under control. Then, it’s onto the weekly routines.

Pro Tip

Wondering what cleaning products and tools to use? Check out my page of Recommended Products for the tools and products I use in my own home.

Weekly Cleaning

If you spend much time around the site, you’ll know I’m a big fan of cleaning before things ever get dirty. Clutter and dirt don’t stand a chance against consistent cleaning.

Spring Cleaning

No matter when you do it, Spring Cleaning is an enormous task. I rely on my checklists to make it manageable, and to make sure I don’t forget any nook or cranny.

More Cleaning Checklists