At, I offer helpful, personally tested real-world cleaning advice. Since 2011, I have helped millions of people around the world clean, organize, declutter, and learn to run their homes well. That is why my advice is routinely quoted by magazine and media sites, over a hundred thousand social media followers, and several thousand newsletter subscribers.

Purposeful and Practical Cleaning Advice

My primary mission is to offer actionable, practical advice to help you manage your home effectively and efficiently. I understand that cleaning might not be everyone’s favorite task, so I aim to provide guidance that ensures you get it right the first time. Every piece of advice I share is designed to make your life a little easier and your home a little brighter.

Tested and Trusted Cleaning Methods

Every cleaning method I recommend has been personally tested in my own home. If I offer multiple approaches, I’ve tried each one. Beyond my personal experience, I conduct thorough research to ensure the methods are safe and suitable for various surfaces and materials. My commitment is to provide solutions that help, not harm, your living space.

Integrity and Transparency in Recommendations

In keeping with my approach to personally testing the cleaning methods I share, every product I suggest is one that I’ve personally purchased and tried. I do not accept free products or sponsored posts for reviews and I maintain a strict policy against these which you can review on my disclosure page. My recommendations are unbiased, and my priority is always you, the reader.

Continuous Improvement and Responsiveness

This blog is my life’s work and I am dedicated to the continuous improvement of my content. That is why I routinely revisit published articles to ensure their accuracy and relevance. Whether it’s incorporating new methods I’ve discovered, adding reader suggestions that I’ve verified by personally testing, or addressing FAQs, I’m committed to ensuring the information remains timely and helpful to you. Feedback from my readers is invaluable, which is why I have a comment section that I encourage people to use.

Inclusivity and Respect for All

My platform is a space where everyone is welcome. I am grateful to have a diverse and global readership, and I strive to create content that resonates with and empowers every individual. Every reader, regardless of their background or location, should feel safe, appreciated, and valued here.

If you have additional questions, I invite you to learn more about me and why I created this website.

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