Recommended Cleaning Products and Tools

All of these recommended cleaning products and tools can save you time and space by multi-tasking while they help you clean your home better than ever before.

Recommended Cleaning Supplies and Household Tools that Work

Recommended Cleaning Products and Tools

The products I recommend here are ones that I use in my home. I created this page because I don’t like wasting money. You probably don’t, either. But when you’re shopping for cleaning tools or other household items, it’s easy to get sucked in by sales pitches or fake online reviews. This page contains affiliate links. I am very careful about which products I recommend. Please see my Disclosure Page if you have any concerns.

General Cleaning

Pile of microfiber cloths

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

I’ve been using the Zwipes brand for years. Amazon sells its own version that costs a bit less, but I don’t like them as much. The Zwipes feel thicker and last longer. I use each of the three colors in the pack for different purposes: green to dust, blue for general cleaning, and yellow on toilets. (Get them here.)

Pile of white rags for cleaning

Lint-free Cloths

Although microfiber towels are great, they’re not suitable for every cleaning task. I use flour sack towels to polish furniture because they’re lint-free and leave a smooth shine. White cloths are also crucial when you’re trying to remove stains because they don’t have dyes that might transfer to what you’re cleaning. These are inexpensive and great in the kitchen, too. (Get them here.)

A squeegee for window-cleaning


I use this homemade window cleaner to do my windows every month, and a squeegee makes it go so fast. This one has a universal handle, so it screws onto the pole from my extension dusting kit. (Below.) Thanks to the 12-inch blade, it only takes about 3 swipes to get a window clean. (Get it here.)

Long-lasting plastic spray bottle for homemade cleaning products

Spray Bottles

Okay, they’re not the prettiest spray bottles, but they sure do last. Also, they fit my small, chubby hands just right. This particular brand comes in a 3-pack, and I bought two sets in 2011. I am still using them ten years later. They’ve held up well using vinegar-based homemade cleaning mixes, essential oils, even liquid dish soap combined with water. And they’re very affordable. (Get them here.)

An extension pole with dusting attachments

Multi-Head Extension Duster

I’m short, so this gets a lot of use in my home. It’s great for reaching cobwebs and ceilings overhead and works to dust baseboards — one of my least favorite chores. Oh, and the long blue attachment on the right is bendable, so you can fold and slide it over ceiling fan blades. So convenient! (Get it here.)

A plastic caddy for carrying cleaning supplies

Washable Cleaning Caddy

It’s not fancy, and it’s not even pretty, but this tote is definitely handy! I stash my spray bottles of homemade cleaning mixes, a set of rubber gloves, and microfiber cloths in mine. When it’s time to clean, I’ve got everything I need… except an excuse to get out of it. (Get it here.)

A hand-held scrub brush for cleaning grout or other messes

Household Scrub Brush

Thanks to the handle, this ergonomic scrub brush makes the miserable task of cleaning grout just a bit easier. It’s also great for tough carpet and upholstery stains or getting dried mud off your sneakers. Clean it by running an old comb through the bristles to remove hairs or threads, then pop it in the top rack of your dishwasher. (Get it here.)

A universal vacuum attachment with small nozzles for cleaning keyboards or detailing cars

Micro Attachments for Vacuum Cleaners

Get in all of those little places where the dust settles. Clean computer keyboards, that annoying spot between the stove and counter where crumbs love to hang out, and the nooks and crannies in your car. Just be sure you don’t use it non-stop for extended periods, or your vacuum cleaner’s motor will overheat. (Get it here.)

Floor Cleaning

A steam cleaner

Steam Mop

Great on tile, stone, and wood. You can even use it to freshen carpets. I use mine to clean floors, of course — it’s brilliant at wiping paw and footprints, food spills, and other messes. Plus, the steam sanitizes, so I also use it now and then on my shower walls. (Get it here.)

The best robot mop

Robot Mop

I despise mopping floors, but I hate dirty floors even more. That’s why I love to let my robot mop do the work for me. It’s almost silent, and my pets don’t mind it at all. It even works with my homemade floor cleaner! I’ve used mine just about every day since 2017, but that means I’ve had to replace the battery a couple of times. It’s so worth it. (Get it here.)

A carpet sweeper for picking up crumbs and cleaning floors without using a vacuum

Manual Floor Sweeper

I always tell people this is what will get your kids to help clean up their messes! Thanks to an electric-powered rotary brush, this easily picks up crumbs, pet hair, and dust from hard floors as well as carpets. I use mine nightly in the kitchen and go over high-traffic areas on the rug when it’s not dirty enough to vacuum. (Get it here.)

An upright vacuum cleaner

Upright Bagless Vacuum

My trusty Hoover upright quit working after seven years. I tried the company’s “new and improved” version and hated it. So, I decided to give this Shark a try, and I am so happy with it! I really love the ability to separate the canister and hose from the main brush head. It makes cleaning stairs or even my car so easy. (Get it here.)

The best robot vacuum that is not iRobot

Robot Vacuum

Ever wished your home would clean itself? That’s my dream! Unfortunately, I don’t think technology has quite reached that point yet. So, for now, I’ve got my robot vacuum scheduled to run every day. It’s fantastic on my hard floors and does a good job on area rugs, too. I wouldn’t use it as your only vacuum if you’ve got wall-to-wall carpet, but it can leave the surface looking nice between regular vacuumings. (Get it here.)

Furniture Cleaning

Pens and wax crayons to use for covering scratches in wood furniture

Scratch Repair Sticks

I’ve written an article about fixing furniture scratches using things you’ve already got at home. But deeper scratches, or scratches on wood floors, need a professional touch. That’s where these things help. Use the Crayon-like wax stick in a matching color to fill in scratches or dents until the surface is smooth. Then top it with the carpenter-grade stain to make it look new. (Get it here.)

Commercial furniture polish that does not contain silicone makes an excellent dusting spray

Silicone-Free Furniture Polish

If you aren’t making your own furniture polish, this is the next best thing. Unlike Pledge or Endust, this doesn’t contain silicone. Why is that important? Because silicone traps humidity, which makes your furniture look dull and eventually feel sticky. This one actually moisturizes your wood furniture while leaving a nice shine and no waxy buildup. (Get it here.)

Rubber pads you attach to the feet of furniture to stop slipping on hard floors

Non-Slip Furniture Pads

If you’re tired of your sofa sliding around on the floor every time you try sitting down, you need these non-slip pads! They’ll protect your floor, of course, but will also keep your furnishings where you want them. I’ve even cut them into squares and stuck them on the bottom of my stand mixer, so it doesn’t slide around on the kitchen counter. (Get them here.)


Flexible Brush for Dryer Vents and Refrigerator Coils

This is so handy for cleaning dryer vents. I’m always picky about ours because dirty dryer vents cause so many household fires. If you’ve got a refrigerator with exposed coils on the back or bottom, this brush is an easy way to clean those, too. (Get it here.)

A brush attachment for your cordless drill to clean air ducts

Power Rotary Brush

Attached to a power drill, this long brush snakes through your air ducts or longer dryer vent hoses to get rid of dust buildup. It even makes 90-degree turns. Doing this twice a year drastically reduces the amount of dust in my home, and it’s so much less expensive than calling the pros. (Get it here.)

A leaf-blower attachment that cleans gutters

Gutter Attachment for Leaf Blowers

After falling from a ladder while cleaning my gutters, I refuse to do it that way again. So, when I saw this attachment that fits over the end of my leaf blower, I had to give it a try. I love that it lets me reach even the second-story gutters without leaving the ground. All you have to do is slide the ends together, slip one over the leaf blower, and whoosh all of the debris out of the gutter without ever leaving the ground. (Get it here.)

A step-stool sturdy enough to hold over 200 pounds

A Sturdy Folding Step-Stool

Again, I’ll choose practical over pretty any day. That’s about the only way to describe this step-stool that makes my life as a shortie so much easier. Whether I need to reach tall blinds or my secret stash of candy on the top shelf in the kitchen, this makes it possible. Then it folds away and fits perfectly next to my dryer. It’s steel-framed with non-slip steps and rubber non-slip feet, too. (Get it here.)

An extension pole with attachment to change light bulbs in high ceilings

Light Bulb Changer for High Ceilings

You don’t have to be as short as me to find changing lightbulbs on a high ceiling a nuisance. This gadget uses a basket and suction cup to hold the bulb firmly at the end of the telescoping pole, so you don’t have to climb on a ladder or chair to do it. There’s also an attachment to remove broken light bulbs safely. (Get it here.)