11 Gifts That Help People Get Organized

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Thoughtful, affordable Christmas gifts that help people get organized and live their best lives.

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We all face daily challenges where disorganization or messes can throw off our entire day. For some, it starts while they’re getting ready and can’t find the outfit or accessory they want to wear. For others, it’s a challenge just getting out of bed. These gifts are designed to help your loved ones tackle those annoyances, so they can get on with living their best lives.

It may seem odd to shop for gifts intended to help people get their stuff together, but it doesn’t have to be. Presents solve problems keep giving day in and day out. Plus, let’s face it, if they’d buy and use these things in the first place, they wouldn’t have the problem anymore.

11 Useful Gifts that Organize Stuff

Pro-tip: If you have Amazon Prime, the ideas below all ship for free. If you don’t have it, sign up now for a 30-day free trial and get your shopping done without leaving your sofa.

For the Jewelry-Lover

This wall-mounted jewelry rack keeps necklaces, earrings, and bracelets tidy. The rustic look is perfect for those who love modern farmhouse, shabby chic, or boho design. I love the shelf that provides a nice little resting spot for perfume or even a small, upright mirror so it’s easy to check out your look before you leave. This rack comes in 5 different colors, including farmhouse white.

For the Clothes-Hound

This affordable set of 50 non-slip, velvet hangers keeps my clothes from falling to the floor, even tops with spaghetti straps or v-necks. Having matching hangers makes a closet look so much tidier, too. Plus, they take up a lot less space than standard plastic hangers, which means there’s room for more clothes! They come in 5 different colors, so you can get the closet of your dreams.

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For the Home Office Worker

Having an Instagram-worthy desk is easy with this rose gold desk organizer. I love how the mesh construction keeps me from forgetting about things in my InBox while also keeping office supplies tidy. The drawer at the bottom makes the perfect place for tucking paper clips or USB cords. There’s a matching pen holder and letter tray if you want to round out the set.

For the Plant-Lover

I love having plants in my office to clean the air and add that calming, nurturing vibe. But there’s only so much windowsill space to grow plants. After that, it’s time to think vertically! This pair of rustic hanging shelves are perfect for little herb pots or succulents, even knickknacks. They come with sturdy hooks for wall or ceiling mounting, too.

For the Bath Lover

My bathtub is my happy place, and I retreat to it every night without fail. So, over the years I’ve gone through a lot of different bath caddies. Some warp right away. Others stay wet all the time and quickly grow black mold. This bamboo bath caddy is my favorite. Unlike raw bamboo caddies, the lacquer helps it resist mildew so it stays clean and safe to use. It comes with a matching soap dish, too. Take your pick of 7 different colors.

For the Shower Lover

Recently when I remodeled my bathroom, I knew I didn’t want a built-in ledge for shampoo because those things grow a lot of mildew. I did want something stylish and sturdy to hold my shower products, though. I am so glad I chose this no-drill shower caddy: it is so sturdy. I’ve got mine loaded with shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, body wash, and a pump bottle of face wash. The caddy does not budge! Those removable hooks are great for hanging washcloths and poofs, too. Comes in 2 finishes.

For the College Student

My son went through two phones, a tablet, and an ankle cast while living in the dorms. That’s because he had the top bunk and would often knock his electronics off the bed in his sleep. The cast? Well, that was from the third time his phone started to fall and he jumped out of bed hoping to catch it. Once he got the cast, he got the bottom bunk — but I got him this bedside shelf with a cupholder anyway. Setting it up is a dream — no tools required! He loved it so much that he still uses it now that he’s back living at home. Comes in 5 styles.

For the Crafts Lover

I don’t have a dedicated crafts room, but now and then I enjoy spending time doing something creative. Rather than let craft supplies take over my dining table until the time I might get around to finishing a project (which never seems to happen when I think it will), I got this affordable 3-tier trolley instead. I love that the trays are washable and the wheels lock if you want them to. Comes in two colors.

For the Foodie

A little over a year ago, I switched to these magnetic spice tins and I’ve never once regretted it. They stay firmly attached to my fridge until I need them, and are easy to use whether you want to spoon the contents or sprinkle it on. The labels are included, and they had one for every kind of spice I could want to use. And since my spices aren’t taking up a shelf or a drawer, I’ve got more storage space in my kitchen now, too.

For the Battery User

When you’re a parent, it seems like everything requires a different-sized battery. And sometimes, a battery that’s not strong enough to power one device is still good enough to use elsewhere. That’s why I love this battery holder with a removable testing unit. I can see at a glance what batteries we need, and test used ones before tossing them out. Mount it on the wall or tuck it in a drawer. Comes in 7 different colors.

For Anyone with a Dresser

I saved the best for last. These may not look like much, but they have completely changed my getting-ready routine. This 4-pack of spring-loaded drawer dividers fits almost any drawer and doesn’t require tools to install. I use a pair to divide my dresser’s deep t-shirt drawer and the two in my kitchen where they keep the gadget drawer tidy. Love them! This set comes in 4 colors, so you can match your dresser if you’d like.

Now that you’ve got some ideas for great gifts that help people get organized, be sure to check out my other gift guides, too.

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