11 Things that Will Make Your Bedroom Better

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Whether you’re just there to sleep or it’s your favorite place to retreat, these things will make your bedroom better.

Queen bed with a duvet cover and shag rug showing two things to make your bedroom better

Ever wished your bedroom felt a little more grown-up? Maybe you’ve taken time to decorate the rest of your home carefully, but your own room feels a little blah. That’s often the case with busy people: they take care of everyone and everything else in the home but don’t have time to deal with their own space. Then their bedrooms feel cluttered or neglected and far from the cozy space they need them to be.

Products that Solve Your Bedroom’s Problems

Nowadays, it isn’t easy to know which reviews are legitimate. A lot of people write reviews shortly after receiving their purchases. Either they’re disappointed and plan to return them, or they’re thrilled and leave a glowing review. But you rarely find any that indicate how a product has held up over time and whether the person would buy it again.

The products below are all ones that I’ve bought for my bedroom. They’ve earned their place in my home, and I’d rebuy each in a heartbeat if I needed to — but I don’t because they’ve held up well for at least a year. (In some cases, as you’ll read below, they’ve stayed like new for several years.) So, if you’re interested in refreshing your bedroom, here are the products that will make it so much better by solving common problems we all deal with.

The Fix for Those Cold Floors

I love my hard flooring, but this premium shag rug is a treat for bare feet. If you grew up with shag carpets as I did, you might have bad memories of this style, but the modern version is so much nicer. This rug’s 2-inch pile cushions feet and keeps those first steps in the morning from being brutally cold. It vacuums beautifully and spills come out with a damp, soapy cloth. And, unlike those old-school shag rugs, they don’t shed! With 20 color options and 50 different sizes, you’re sure to find one you like.

The Fix for That Ugly View

If your bedroom windows overlook the neighbor’s yard like mine do, you probably long for privacy without sacrificing sunlight. You can have both with these sheer curtains that also claim to neutralize odors. The odor-removing thing intrigued me since I have a gassy dog, but I can’t say that I’ve noticed much change. I like that these are thicker than standard sheers, though, and they have a grommet top so they look great on their own or behind curtains. Take your pick of four different colors and nine different sizes.

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The Fix for Cluttered Surfaces

There are so many ways to hang this set of 3 floating wall-mounted shelves. I staggered one set on my bedroom wall, and neatly lined up another set in the bathroom over the toilet. The included mounting hardware is okay, but if you plan to put a lot of books on them, use a wall-toggle mount instead. (Voice of experience here.) Choose from nine different wood colors, but you’ll need to spray paint the metal brackets if you want anything other than black.

The Fix for Thin Curtains

Now, sheer curtains are nice during the daytime to give privacy while letting in light, but who wants a lot of light in their bedroom at night? Or on those rare weekend mornings when you can sleep late? That’s why I got these liners that turn any curtain into a blackout curtain. They clip behind your regular curtains, so you don’t see them and they come in three different sizes plus any color you want as long as it’s off-white.

The Fix for Dry Air

Itchy skin, dry eyes, and nighttime nosebleeds are all a sign that your bedroom’s air is too dry. Even if you use a diffuser in other parts of your home, you’re shutting out that moisture once you close the bedroom door. My nosebleeds stopped when I bought this ceramic cool-mist humidifier with auto-shutoff. It has a timer function and a color-changing mode, and you can add essential oils if you want some scent. Cleanup couldn’t be easier: wipe it with a damp towel once a week.

The Fix for that Pile of Throw Pillows

Does anyone else wonder what to do with their pile of throw pillows at bedtime? I was not too fond of putting them on the floor, so I’d pile them on the bedroom chair where my cat knocked them onto the floor while I slept. Either way, they wound up covered with pet hair. Then I bought this massive rope basket that’s perfect for holding throw pillows, laundry, or kid toys. It comes in seven colors, so everyone in the family can have their own.

The Fix for Messy Dresser Drawers

Ever since I started using these compartment dividers to organize sock and underwear drawers, I’ve felt like a true grown-up. My bras are no longer a tangled mess (though I do have to tuck one cup into another to fit), and I don’t have to hunt around for that pair of underwear on certain days. The set of four comes in seven colors.

The Fix for the Tablet that Keeps Falling

Watching Netflix or reading an ebook in bed is a wonderful way to fall asleep — until the tablet crashes into your face. That happened to me so often that I had a semi-permanent bruise on my nose. Then I bought this tablet pillow-stand that holds my iPad or phone, so I can nod off without worries. It comes in eleven different colors, so you can get one to match your bed.

The Fix for that Annoying Top Sheet

I don’t know why we’re still so attached to top sheets in America, but they’re annoying. Elsewhere, people use covered duvets and flat sheets. The beauty of a covered duvet is that you can make the bed in about a minute — even faster if you don’t have a ton of throw pillows. They’re more hygienic than a comforter, too, since you wash the cover every week when you change sheets. This one is my favorite duvet, and it costs less than a family pizza night! It washes like a dream, too. Comes in 9 colors and 6 sizes.

The Fix for Your Sweaty Pillow

Maybe you aren’t of a “certain age,” but I am and I get hot flashes. A lot. That means at least twice a night had to flip my pillow or switch to a different one because mine was sweaty. And then I got these wonderful gel-filled, washable bed pillows. They are seriously the best pillows I’ve ever slept on, which is crazy because the price is so reasonable for a set of two.

The Fix for Annoying Alarm Clocks

I have a love-hate relationship with alarm clocks. I love waking up on time, but I hate waking up. And I really hate waking up to a jarring, loud noise. So my favorite thing in my bedroom is this sunrise alarm clock that works with Smart devices. It has a dimming timer that can lower the light to help you fall asleep. Use the free app to play a meditation on the sound machine or enjoy some of the soothing tracks in the sound library. In between, you can set it to almost any color based on your mood.

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