Dealing With Too Many Toys?

Learn why your child's toys are taking over your home and ways to deal with toy clutter that don't cause tantrums and tears.

Kid-Friendly Does Not Mean Chaos

Even in the most kid-friendly home, parents deserve a place to sit and relax without being surrounded by their kids' stuff.

Why Toy Clutter Happens

These days, kids get new toys all the time: for birthdays, holidays, rewards for doing well in school, and sometimes just because their parent found a good sale.

Kids Get Bored By Too Many Toys

When there are too many toys around, kids can’t decide which one to play with, so they wind up doing nothing.

(Except complaining they're bored.)

How Many Toys do Kids Need?

One way to limit how many toys your child has is to have 1 toy for every 2 hours they are home and awake on weekdays, plus 4 more for the weekend.

Declutter Toys Regularly

Make a point to purge old toys before holidays and birthdays. Kids are happier to let go of old toys when they know they're getting new ones.

They Can Choose Not to Decide

Decluttering is hard for adults, too. It's okay for your child to have a "maybe" pile of toys.  But "maybe" doesn't mean you have to keep it around.

Try this with the "maybe" pile...

The slow move-out

The display and discard


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