Ants in Your Home?

10 Home Remedies for Ants

10 Home Remedies for Ants


#1 White Vinegar

Mix equal parts water and vinegar then add a couple drops of dish soap. Apply this to non-metal surfaces to destroy the scout ant’s scent trail.

Scatter torn bits of orange, lemon, or lime peels around plant bases—or leave whole peels drying on your counter.

#3 Citrus Peels

Apply to ant trails or where ants like to hang out. It is non-toxic, but has a strong smell, so it’s best to be used outdoors.

#4 Neem Oil

Pour dried or crushed pepper onto entryways or the soil of houseplants to repel ants. Cayenne, chili, and black pepper all work.

#5 Ground Pepper

#6 Coffee Grounds

Leave a shallow bowl of coffee grounds on your kitchen counter. The smell confuses the scout ants, so the others don't follow.

Pour boiling water onto ant nests. Do not use this on fire ants—call an exterminator instead. Use caution and keep your children and pets away.

#7 Boiling Water