Avoid Buying High-maintenance Clothes

Special care items, like hand-washables or things you have to lay flat to dry, can lead to laundry backing up when you're busy.

Use Steam

Hang clothes over a steamy tub or near your shower. The steam helps fabric release wrinkles and odors, so you can skip ironing and extend time between washing, too.

Don't Combine Loads

Washing heavier fabrics with lighter ones leads to pilling and damage. Washing colorful clothes with lights makes them look dull and dingy.

Have a Routine

If you have a machine at home, wash a load every day if you can. If you need to do it all on one day, wash clothing before bedding and towels, so you can hand and fold  while the next load is in the wash.

Pink Blob

Set a Timer!

Tired of having to rewash mildewed clothes? Set a timer to remind yourself when it's time to change loads and fold clothes before they wrinkle.

Skip This Step

Instead of pulling clothes out of the dryer and carrying them to the sofa, fold or hang them straight from the dryer while they're warm. They'll wrinkle less and you'll get it done faster.

Done = Put Away

Put away each load as soon as it's folded. That way if you get interrupted, you won't still have a pile of clothes to deal with.

Hang Everything You Can

Hanging is faster than folding and results in fewer wrinkles. Go ahead and hang t-shirts, jeans, even tank tops if you have room.

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