Blood stains happen.

Nose bleeds.

Skinned knees.

Paper cuts.

Cooking injuries.

Your period.

Here's how to deal with them.

Rinse Fresh Stains ASAP!

Hold the fabric stain-side down under a cold, running faucet. The water will "pull out" the stain as it goes through the cloth.

Avoid heat!

Blood contains proteins. When these proteins are heated, they bond to fabric fibers. Don't use hot water to treat blood stains and don't put stained clothes in the dryer.

Use detergents specially formulated for wool and wash in cold water by hand, gently. Enzyme-based cleaners and machines can damage the fiber and make the stain permanent.

Special Tip for Wool

Blood Stains on Furniture?

Look for a care label. If you see a W or WS, you can hand wash the cushion cover or dab the spot with soapy water and an undyed cloth.

Reach for your hand sanitizer. It contains rubbing alcohol, which is a solvent that can lift blood stains from most fabrics.

Blood stains on the go?

More things that get blood out of fabric:

Meat tenderizer

Hydrogen peroxide

Contact lens solution

White vinegar

and more

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