6 Expert Tips TO

Stop Clothing Pills Before They Start

By Katie Berry         August 17. 2023

Separate Heavy & Light

Wash heavier clothes like jeans and shirts with buttons separate from delicates and knits to minimize the abrasion that causes pilling.


Wash Clothes Inside Out

The outside of fabric is more delicate. Turning clothes inside out protects the delicate side from friction.


Wash with Care

The less friction when washing clothes, the fewer pills will result. So, use the gentle cycle for delicate fabrics, especially sweaters and knits.


Use Mesh Laundry Bags

You can also use mesh bags to protect delicates in the washer. Just be sure to add only one item to each  bag to reduce friction and prevent pilling.


Avoid High Heat Drying

High temperatures weaken fabrics, which leads to clothing pills. Choose low settings for tumble dryers, or line dry to reduce friction altogether.


Choose Strong Fabrics

Fabrics like linen and high-quality cotton have long fibers that resist breakage, so they pill less. Synthetics are also resistant to pilling.