What Causes Static Electricity?

Things have positive or negative charges. When items with opposite charges get pulled apart, electrons jump between them. That jump gives you a shock.


Add Moisture to Your Home's Air

Dry air increases static. Keep your home's humidity between 30 and 50 percent. An inexpensive hygrometer can help you monitor this.


Dress to Prevent Static Buildup

Synthetic fabrics are more likely to build up static imbalance. Rubber-soled shoes develop it, too. Switch to natural fibers and launder them properly to prevent static.

Discharge Static Buildup Often

Keep a metal object like a coin or key in your pocket. Every so often, touch it to metal surfaces to painlessly discharge static that's built up on your body.

Moisturize Hair and Skin Daily

Conditioning your hair and applying lotion to your skin acts as a barrier to reduce static buildup on your body.