9 Grocery Store Tips to Save You Money

1. Store brands are less expensive. Compare ingredients and buy the store's version when they're similar.

2. Buy less-expensive cuts of meat. Use moist cooking methods like slow cooking and pressure cooking to tenderize it.

3. Shop alone so you can compare prices without distraction. Or make finding the lowest price a family game.

4. Buy more so you can shop less often. This helps you resist  pricey impulse purchases and save gas.

5. Buy toiletries at the drugstore or warehouse store where they're cheaper.  Or make sure you have a coupon for them.

8. Store music is slow or nostalgic to make you want to cheer up by buying more. Bring your own upbeat tunes.

9. Eat before you go, or you'll buy more than you need. If you forget, chewing gum can help you resist that urge.